This Clean Hypnosis Show Fundraiser
Turns Fun Into Money For Schools And Community Groups!

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Let me help you raise money 
to support local schools, nonprofits and community groups.
An astounding, easy, fun and exciting fundraising solution. That turns family fun into hundreds even thousands of FUN dollars for your school or organization.

FUN and money for Florida Schools and Nonprofits!!!

Imagine a successful, amazing program that will help raise much needed funds for our schools and organizations.

Discover the secrets that turn family fun into hundreds of thousands of FUN dollars for your school or organization. With your permission I will reveal…

A proven, successful solution that is educational, amazingly entertaining and absolutely FUN!!!

An easy, amazing fundraiser for Florida schools and organizations… Guaranteed!!!

Proven tried-and-true! Hundreds of Real Live Road tested performances. Exciting, amazing fun… Guaranteed!

Exciting family-friendly program, super simple, color-coded, step-by-step resource action guide.

Your School or Organization has complete control of funds at all times.

I Can Help Your Group Raise Money With My
Comedy Hypnosis Show Fundraising Program.

Great For – Schools, Sports, Band, Cheer and PTA
I help schools, service clubs and other organizations turn clean hypnotic entertainment into hundreds or thousands of dollars for their group. Generating funds to buy supplies, uniforms, equipment and things you need. This is a user-friendly proven fundraising system. With simple methods and strategies that makes money for your group.

Amazing Hypnosis Show Fundraiser
Turns Fun Into Dollar$

This is a squeaky clean comedy hypnosis show that thrills your audience. See people mesmerized and talking about it for weeks afterwards. The money raised by this hypnosis show fundraiser can earn a sizeable chunk of funds for YOUR fundraising account. Raise awareness of your group, increase membership and participation for your events.

Benefits of The Comedy Hypnosis Show Event Fundraiser:

1. No Products to Sell, order or distribute!

2. Can Be Started & Completed in as little as 2 to 4 Weeks! Simple to promote.

3. Easy to Stage! Self contained show. I provide sound system and stage lights. You provide 20 chairs for the volunteers and seating for the audience. Multiple Shows available for smaller venues.

4. User friendly system so that ANY group, regardless of size or type can use it with success. Effectiveness of the fundraiser and profits earned is not determined by your group’s size. Small organizations can make as much as larger organizations. Suggested ticket price is $5 to $18, so ANY group can profit. You name the price.

How To Raise Money With this
Clean Hypnosis Show.

In 3 Steps, Put The Fun Back In Fundraising!

A. Chose a date and provide the venue. I can provide tickets, flyer, sound system, stage lights and the comedy hypnosis show.

B. Promote the show and sell tickets. We Split 50/50 On The Ticket Sales

C. Enjoy the Show!

It’s always a win/win/win with this amazingly fun Clean Hypnosis show Fundraiser.
My Mission is to serve and support local schools, charities, community groups, nonprofits, ministries, mission minded causes and  organizations that desperately need the resources to fulfill their dreams.
But don’t take my word for it; see what my clients say!



Have Fun And Raise Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars!

Mater Academy HS in Hialeah Gardens, FL Raised over $2700

Thanks again for everything, the kids had a blast!
Toni Kouns, Varsity Cheerleading Coach, Vero Beach HS

Raised over $2800

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What You Get When You Book Rich

  • A Clean & Hilarious Show
  • Easy Staging Requirements
  • Pre-show Music
  • FREE Fundraiser Kit, Tickets, Printable Flyer
  • Comedy Hypnosis Show
  • Professional Sound System
  • Stage lighting
  • Flexible & Easy to Work With
  • Adaptable to Just About Any Situation
  • Custom Routines on Request
  • Fully Insured