Attention School Assembly Coordinators
Entertainment + Education = Having Fun While Learning!

Discover How Your Students Can Learn About
Accepting Responsibility, Healthy Self Esteem, Confidence, Peak Performance,
Saying No to Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Learn Positive Life Skills
And More All While Having Fun!

Do you feel a sense of responsibility to help students become prepared as possible for the real world?
Are you looking for an assembly program that will be a fun filled reward and give your students practical tools for a successful positive life? You have come to the right place. This is a program that will teach your students the power of positive thinking and the power of their own mind. This is a program that will encourage your students to make good choices. This is a program that will make learning easier.

Four Interactive, Fun And Informative Hypnosis Show Assembly Programs
For Your Middle And High School Students

1. Character Building School Assembly – Is an assembly program that is fun and entertaining. Building Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. With messages to improve self confidence, self-esteem, self respect, encourage personal responsibility and treating others with respect.

2. Improve Your Memory and Test Taking Ability – Designed to help students improve their memories with fun, easy to learn methods. To teach students the importance of education for their careers and future. Watch your students participate and have fun while improving memory and test taking ability.

3. Anti Drug, Alcohol and Smoking Assembly – Many students experiment with drugs, alcohol and smoking. Because of underlying issues such as peer pressure, low self esteem, making poor choices, low grades, absenteeism, disruptive behavior and other issues. This fun and educational program will provide strategies to deal with underlying issues and on how to have fun with out negative behaviors.

4. If You Can Dream It, You Can Be It – Is an assembly program for that is entertaining, educational and motivating. Using the power of the imagination. It gives students useful tools to set and achieve positive goals and improve performance in academics, sports and life. A program that teaches students to take personal responsibility, set and achieve positive goals thru work and persistence.
All Programs For Grades 6-12
Audience Size: 50 – 2,000
Time Needed: 45 minutes
Facility appropriate to audience size required

Why These Assembly Programs Combining Entertainment with Education?

1. Content
Is safe, appropriate and presented in a fun entertaining way. There is NO inappropriate language or anything offensive in the program. Everything done is in good taste! The use of humor, laughter, imagination, stories and audience participation, holds your students attention and demonstrates the lessons. Your students will have tools for success in life.

2. Goals of the programs:
To raise self esteem, self confidence, self control and self motivation.
To teach strategy for setting goals and achieving them.
To teach what is possible with patience and perseverance.
To take personal responsibility and to encourage positive choices.

3. Rich is Jessica Lunsford Act compliant, safety certified, licensed and insured, making this the safest hypnosis show assemblies available! The Content is Age Appropriate and Guaranteed not to offend. No inappropriate content or unhappy parents. Rich provides outstanding assembly for your school.

4. Easy Staging & Fast Set up
The program can presented in a auditorium, cafeteria or gymnasium. All that is needed is an area to perform, some chairs and access to an electric outlet for my sound system. The set up is quick and with minimal disruption to your school schedule.

5. Insured & Guaranteed
Rich is fully insured and has never had a problem in 15 years of performing.

6. All-inclusive pricing and 100% guaranteed. If your students do not enjoy this program, you do not have to pay. No one has ever needed to use this guarantee.

Prices for Saint Lucie, Martin, Indian River, Palm Beach, Brevard and Broward Counties
All Others Call 772-341-7776 for Pricing

One Assembly 45 Minutes $400.00
Second Assembly $200 – Immediately following the first one. Why because some schools cannot fit the entire student body in one area at a time and need to split students into two groups.

Additional Assembly – Not immediately following the 1st one scheduled on the same day $250.00
For booking
Have Questions Or To Check Your Dates Availability Call Rich at 772-341-7776